Ask me anything …

Mirror, mirror on the wall …

Do you have reviews?

Yes, I sure do and they are exceptional! You can find them here.

What is your availability?

I’m a busy girl, but I always try to accommodate respectful requests.
The more notice you can give me the better,
that way I can work around
your schedule and mine.

What if I want to know your availability
before filling out the booking inquiry form?

Just email or text me directly.
* Please include your first name along with requested time, date, and duration *
Email me: AshlieNicoleATL@gmail.com
Text me: 470-310-3311

Do I still need to fill out the booking form if I’ve met you before?

Your verification credentials are linked to your email or phone number that you’ve used to contact me.
If you’ve changed your phone number or email, then you will need to be verified again.
Once you’re verified, you can email or text me directly to request to spend time with me.
Click here to get verified.

How long does it take to hear back from you?

I usually respond to you rather quickly;
however, please allow up to 24 – 48 hours when booking for verification results.

What if I can’t come to Atlanta to see you?

No worries! I would be thrilled to come to you, wherever that may be.
Travel expenses or itinerary are required
prior to the time of travel.

To inquire: Just leave me a note in the special request box on my booking inquiry form.

Are you available to take a trip with me?

Of course, I’d love to, who wouldn’t?
Being a true GFE,
our time together will feel natural,
as if we’ve known one another forever.
Needless to say,
there won’t be any awkward moments.
To inquire: Just leave me a note in the special request box on my booking inquiry form.

I’m new to this…
How does this work?

First thing’s first …
fill out the New Client Form,
then I will respond with the verification results.
After that, we meet at either my place or yours
and have an unforgettable experience together!
Simple as that.
I’d recommend that you check out my Etiquette tips also.

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Yes, your personal information is
for my eyes ONLY.
I do not have an assistant of any kind,
so rest assured, it will be kept confidential.

Why do you have to verify me?

Nothing more than for safety and security.

I’m a little shy, what if I get nervous?

Trust me, I understand what’s it’s like to be a little shy and nervous.
Although you couldn’t tell it now,
I’ve been there before, as we all have.
I have a natural ability to calm your nerves…
so don’t worry and let your imagination run wild!

Do your photos portray you accurately?

I’ve been told my photos don’t do me justice;
but, to say the least, yes, that’s what I really look like in person.
View my gallery here.

How will you be dressed for our date?

Unless you request otherwise,
you can expect me to be dressed like a
classy, sophisticated, and charming woman should be.

Do I need to provide anything, other than the consideration, for our date?

Nope… just you, yourself, and your desires!
I’ll take care of the rest.

What kind of companionship do you offer?

Out of all the compliments I receive,
this one is most frequent.
I’m one of the most natural and genuine
girlfriend~experience companions you’ll ever meet.
Add some naughty spice to that,
combined with stunning physical attributes
and unexpected intelligence… and that’s me!

What kind of men (or women) do you see?

No bigotry here!
To me, there’s nothing better than a nice, clean,
well groomed and healthy gentleman or lady
with an infectious zest for life and a good sense of humor.

Why should we, as a couple,
choose you?

This will be a lasting memory
for the both of you,
so any ol’ ordinary experience
just won’t do.
Don’t stress, I’ve been referred to as a
couple’s whisperer a time or two.
Even if this adventure
for you and yours is new,
Given the opportunity,
you’ll see that this poem rings true!

I have a knack for calming the nerves
and staying within respectful boundaries,
while the three of us explore our most intimate desires.
I have perfected the art of sharing the spotlight with the lady;
and I guarantee you both
one of the most cherished memories
you’ll ever share together!

Can we spend time together uncompensated?

As much as it flatters me,
I cannot spend time with you
without being compensated.
“If you love and enjoy what you do,
then you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Will you be my date
for a social engagement?

I would be honored to be with you!
There’s no occasion too elite or too classic.
Another specialty of mine is making
the moment feel discreetly natural,
all the while maintaining
our mysterious relationship unpublished.
So, don’t fret, I’ll be your date!